Amalia Putri Nasution (Student of SMPN 1 Ketapang)

“I want to thank LKP Talking Bee for helping me to improve my English not just theoritically but also practically so that I can speak English now. I really like English because it is fun and unique. But before, I didn’t find a good English teacher until one day My Mom introduced me to Uncle Bee(The Founder and The Teacher at LKP Talking Bee). You know, he is a good and fun teacher. He taught me many things about English from the very basic one until the advance one. He gave me advice how to improve my speaking and writing skills. After joining and studying at LKP Talking Bee for 2 months, I can finally speak and write in English well. As the result, I can get high score at my school and it surely upgrades my rank.

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  1. Uncle Bee

    Thank you Lia!
    I will always pray the best for you and your family.
    May you have a bright career and future!
    Keep practising your English!
    Send my warm regards to your family!
    See you!

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