Talking Bee

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"Jago berBahasa inggris dalam 12 jam hanya dengan bermain game!"


Ini adalah Menu yang isinya berupa Profil Pendiri LKP Talking Bee sekaligus Pencipta Game talking Bee dan Asal Mula LKP Talking Bee disertai Profil LKP Talking Bee


Ini adalah Menu yang isinya berupa Artikel, Foto dan Video yang narasumbernya dari LKP Talking Bee maupun Anggota/Member yang bergabung.


Ini adalah Menu yang isinya berupa Penjelasan Program-program yang diadakan LKP Talking Bee.


Ini adalah Menu yang isinya berupa Cara menjadi Anggota, Formulir Pendaftaran Anggota baru, Cek Tabel Keanggotaan, Cek Penghasilan Anggota, Pencairan Penghasilan Anggota.


Ini adalah Menu yang isinya berupa Testimoni dari Anggota/Member yang bergabung.


Ini adalah Menu yang isinya berupa Pertanyaan tentang LKP Talking Bee dan Program yang diadakan disertai Jawabannya.


"I would like to thank LKP Talking Bee for helping me to make my dream come true. I had a dream to pursue a master degree at one of the best universities abroad. After failing couple times in IELTS exams, my colleague introduced me with Uncle Bee (the founder of LKP Talking Bee). He was a helpful teacher. He gave me plenty of advice on improving my speaking and writing skills. Having joined LKP Talking Bee for couple months, I could get the IELTS score that met the requirement to study abroad and scholarship. Eventually, in 2016, I went to the Netherlands to attend a Master’s degree program at University of Groningen (top 100 Universities in the world) after receiving a full scholarship from Dutch Government (StuNed). One year later I obtained my Master’s degree in International Economics & Business. Dankjewel LKP Talking Bee / Thanks LKP Talking Bee. Vriendelijke groeten/Regards."
Rangga K
Assistant Manager, BNI 1946
"I want to thank LKP Talking Bee for helping me to improve my English not just theoritically but also practically so that I can speak English now. I really like English because it is fun and unique. But before, I didn't find a good English teacher until one day My Mom introduced me to Uncle Bee(The Founder and The Teacher at LKP Talking Bee). You know, he is a good and fun teacher. He taught me many things about English from the very basic one until the advance one. He gave me advice how to improve my speaking and writing skills. After joining and studying at LKP Talking Bee for 2 months, I can finally speak and write in English well. As the result, I can get high score at my school and it surely upgrades my rank.
Amalia Putri Nasution
Student of SMPN 1 Ketapang